Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spotted: Lorna Simpson

Reading Elle magazine on my lunch break I came across a picture of a woman wearing a colorful outfit with full gorgeous curly hair! It really caught my attention, and made me want to find out who she was. Off to Google I went!!

Elle Magazine December 2011 Issue
Her Bio: H E R E!!
Lorna Simpson is a photographer; an artist. Her work can be found in many studios and museums. Lorna is well known for her photos that include bold, but minimal words. Think Nike women ad that says, "I have thunder thighs". The purpose is to challenge your initial assumption from culture, gender, or even history in the photo. It'll definitely make you think twice before jumping to a conclusion.

Lorna Simpson's work has been displayed at:
  • MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY)
  • Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
  • Miami Museum of Art
  • Exhibit's in Paris, France
  • and Other International Locations!
One of her latest projects was taking old flea market photos of African Americans from the 1950's and then recreating them with her own spin. Earlier this year Lorna's exhibit, Gathered, was found in the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Photo Source: H E R E!!
I really like Lorna's art style and creativity. If one of her exhibits ever comes close I'll be making an appearance!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


For my very first giveaway I asked what an image would look like if you had to show what represented you. The entries were all very creative and had different perspectives. I loved seeing them all! I'd like to say thank you, again, to everyone who participated! Images can say a thousand words! Here is the image that was chosen for this giveaway.

Here's what NaturalHairLatina had to say about her image:

"I made each handmade item and created a collage. I believe my personality speaks through with each item. The first two are earrings made of wood, I'm often stubborn and hard as a rock. The pink is Africa earring painted pink for breast cancer awareness-Get a mamogram and save the tata's. Africa earring painted purple is for domestic violence, "I love you" is not suppose to hurt. Next, three are my favorite rasta colors, hair flower-I'm blossoming into my authentic self. Pendant I can carry with me at all times. Earrings love of rasta colors. Next, pair of earrings are unique, bold and one of a kind, turquoise, orange, purple, cream. Also, an black, silver and olive green (abstract) like me. Last represent my love for hip hop, cassete tape stud earrings and a round circle pair that look like an album."

Do you have something that represents you? Why does that picture say, you? Comment & share!

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Video: Warning High Heat!

Warning: High Heat!

How do you protect your hair from heat damage?? Do you have any horror stories? I know I do!! One of the worst things that I've don't to my hair was trying to hot comb it. The comb was way too hot and burned right through my hair. The section was on the crown of my head. so there was no hiding it. About two inches of hair was left. Terrible!! Learned my lesson with that! You can learn more about heat damage H E R E!!

Share your stories on my Facebook Fan Page wall! H E R E!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

CLOSED: Hair Challenge 2014!

In case you didn't know, there's a hair challenge going on right now, and it is Free.99! I've decided to commit and join in with it. Basically it's for you to grow your hair naturally for the next two years. The challenge is for you not to wear wigs, weaves, or braid extensions! This can be hard, especially with winter coming, and protective styles, such as these, being worn a lot during this season. There are women from all over who are joining the challenge. There will be future events, before and after pics, networking, you can talk to others who have joined it, and more.

Over these two years you are to maintain healthy hair, and grow it to a length of your choosing. Here's a quick fact from the Natural Hair Challenge 2014 site:

"Hair grows about ½ inch per month, so in one year you could easily grow 6” of hair.  In two and a half years you could grow 15 inches of natural hair and even more if your factor in the hair you started with.  If you started with 4" of hair, that could easily total 19 inches of hair …"

I always try to keep my hair growing and healthy. Sticking with this is part of my New Year Resolution! I think it will be fun to challenge myself to grow my hair longer in this time frame! The other part of my New Year Resolution is to stick to things on my to do list. I always make a list of things I want to do, need to do, places I want to go, places to see, etc., but never get to them. My resolution is that once a month I will do one thing on my to do list!

Examples of things on my list:
  1. Try a specific restaurant in town
  2. Try out for a specific group I'm interested in
  3. Attend an annual festival I never make it to
  4. Visit some small local shops I've never been to

What is your New Year Resolution and how do you plan on sticking to it??? It's def not too early to start thinking about it! Have you ever stuck to a resolution that you made? What's the longest you've went? That leads me to this........a New Year Resolution Giveaway!!!!

To Enter You Must:
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  1. Must follow me on Twitter, and tweet the above message (Bonus Entry)
  2. Must like the Facebook fan page, submit your resolution AND plan (1 Entry)
  3. All submissions must be received before 11:59 PM December 31, 2011

Giveaway Prize:

The winner of this giveaway will receive a gift basket with things to help them with their New Year Resolution!! You'll be nice and refreshed in the new year, and able to keep track of your progress. 
Included: Note pads to keep you on track of your new year resolution, a jar of my hand whipped shea coconut body & hair butter, a jar of my sweet almond body sugar scrub, a sample of my lavender bath salts, a manicure/pedicure tool set, and a pair of my handmade earrings!!!


Helpful links:

A Natural Hair Affair Facebook fan page H E R E!!
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Hair Challenge 2014 official site H E R E!!
Hair Challenge 2014 Facebook page H E R E!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Style Quickie: Twists & Poof

For the longest time I've been so against doing mini twists on myself. The time it takes to complete them is really the sole reason for not wanting to do them. I began this style with full intentions of doing mini twists. As you can see that didn't happen. This style turned out nice anyways!

As always I started with a freshly washed head of hair. I used was my whipped shea butter mix, and essential oil water mix when my hair dried faster than I could style. On one side I put a few flat two strand twists, then bobby pinned out of the way while I two strand twisted the front of my head. Once that was completed, I had no motivation to twist anymore hair! I wasn't sure what else I wanted to do with it, but I didn't want it to take all day. Flexi rods to the rescue!! I still haven't mastered flexi rods on wet curly hair yet, so the results weren't perfect. Some curls were perfect, and some had frizzy ends. Over all the look wasn't terrible.

A high poof is what became of the flexi rod curls!

A nice headband added, and I'm off to work!

My poof was held in place with a few bobby pins. I wore this style for about 5 days before taking out the flat two strand twists. To wash, and to keep my two strands in tact, I clipped them together. The back and sides of my head I washed as normal, then gently cleaned my scalp where the two strand twists were.

I've washed my hair about three times since the style was first started. In the back of my mind I was still swearing off mini twists. Didn't work though, by the end of the weekend I'll have a full head of mini twists. Stay tuned for pictures!

Other Ways I Styled:

~~ After washing I did medium twists all over, let air dry, then wore a twist out with the two strands in front
~~ Slept with flexi rods on the two strands to give them some curl, and paired with the twist out
~~ Wore a poof and added a large hair flower to the side of it, and wore the two strands as curly bangs
~~ Rolled the loose hair into a french roll, then added a flower. The two strands were swooped to one side

** News **

I finally got my Etsy Shop open for business!!!! Does anyone else have a shop? Share your links!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Style Quickie: Sock Bun

I was looking through some older pictures and came across ones I took while styling sock buns. There is an older post on this style I wore, and you can watch the YouTube video that inspired me. The link for the video is under the "links" tab at the top.

Products Used:
  1. Peppermint Shampoo by Dark and Lovely Naturally
  2. Wave Moisturize by Dark and Lovely Naturally
  3. Leave-in Conditioner by Motions

The products that I used can be found at local beauty supply stores, or even drug stores. They were about $5 each. I love this shampoo! Peppermint stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and you can feel it working. My hair is soft afterward, smells great, and is tangle free. The wave moisturizer smells great and a little goes a long way. When doing twists the moisturizer helps to keep them from unraveling. The leave-in conditioner is a great go to product. It's inexpensive, works well, and lasts a long time. It leaves your hair feeling moisturized, soft, and easy to manage.

Tools Used:

Rat Tail Comb to help make large parts & Large Tooth Comb to help detangle 
Elastics to make pony tails for the buns & Clips to hold extra hair out of the way. You may also need a bobby pin or two.


After washing, applying product, and sectioning hair I begin to blow dry it

All that hair!! I hardly ever blow dry it, so I didn't realize how much it had grown!

I ended up with 3 sections for this style. They're all completely optional and you can change it up! You can have 3 buns if you'd like, make the 3 the same size, do something different in the front besides two strands....endless possibilities! An elastic is used initially to make 2 ponytails with the middle and bottom sections.

The front section is clipped out of the way. In the end, this will be twisted into small two strands. 

The rolled sock is placed over the ponytail. You do this just as if the sock was an elastic.

This part was easier to do if I had an elastic on my wrist before grabbing the hair. You want to fold the hair down and around the sock. Make sure  the sock is covered evenly on all sides with your hair. Next, secure the hair with the elastic that's around your wrist. There may be pieces of hair that are sticking out from under the elastic. That's fine! Roll that hair under as if doing a big twist. Continue around the bun, then secure the end with a bobby pin.

I ended up with one big bun in the middle and a small one at the bottom.

The front section was then twisted into small two strands. I used the wave moisturizer for this part. 

Completed two strands!

I pulled the twists up and secured them with a hair comb. You can leave them down, secure up with a bobby pin, or other hair piece. You can be creative here!
SUGGESTION: See the white showing on my top bun? I'd suggest using a black sock, because of this. If you do have small gaps it won't be noticeable.

SUGGESTION: If a hair elastic is too thick/big for your hair try using a small rubber band to make the initial ponytail. That's what I ended up doing for the smallest bun in the very back.

To see another way I wore my sock buns check out an older post H E R E !!

Sock Buns are:
  • easy updos
  • good styles for transitioners
  • quick
  • easy to switch from casual to more formal
  • nice protective styles

~~ Do you have any variations of this style? Show me!! ~~

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Natural Q&A

Question: Can I use a shoelace to make a hair poof?


Answer: My simple response would be yes, but would I recommend it; no.

Just about any fabric that's long is able to be used to make a hair poof. The materials used in shoestrings, bra straps, cut t-shirts, etc. may not be the best for your hair. This is why I wouldn't recommend using a shoelace. I would only use items that are made specifically for hair, or you could try using a stocking. If you're in a bind, and absolutely must, then I would say to make sure the string and your hair is moisturized. The friction of the string against your hair can cause unnecessary breakage and damage. I wouldn't leave the poof in for long amount of time. You should also be sure to watch for tension on your hair.

Helpful Posts:

Makeup of Hair
Olive Oil Treatments
Quickie: Poof

Have you used shoelaces before? Whatelse have you used? Comment a share you answers and thoughts!!

Makeup of Hair

Your hair is made up of a few parts, and is a little complex. Understanding these parts, and their individual functions can be beneficial when it comes to achieving healthy hair, and scalp. It's also very important in growing long, healthy hair, and maintaining the hair you have currently.

The main parts of your head of hair involve your scalp, hair, hair follicle, sebum, and the sebaceous gland.
What exactly are these?


Hair: Keratin that's composed of two parts; the shaft (the visible part above the scalp) and the follicle (which can't be seen and is below the surface of the skin).

Keratin: Protein that gives hair its strength. It makes up your hair, nails, and top layer of skin.

Follicle: Is the living part of the hair containing blood capillaries. The follicles shape influences the shape of the cortex, which in turn determines what the hair type will be. Ex. curly, straight, wavy

Shaft: Is made of three layered keratin layers. Ex. cuticle, cortex, medulla

Sebum: A natural oil that's produced by the sebaceous glands. It helps protect the skin and hair from drying out. It's usually odorless unless there's bacteria present.

Sebaceous Gland: Responsible for producing oil that protects the hair and skin.


To maintain healthy hair it's very important to protect and nourish all parts of your hair.

Cuticle in Detail
  • The outer most layer of hair
  • Gives hair its sheen
  • Made of tight scaled keratin layers- think roof shingles
  • It's transparent
  • Functions as a protective layer to the hair
  • Part that absorbs conditioners
  • Causes tangles and snags if the layers are lifted or damaged
  • Can't repair itself once damaged

Cortex in Detail
  • The second layer of the hair shaft
  • Makes up the majority of the mass
  • Contains pigmented cells that gives hair its color
  • Helps determine the elasticity of hair
  • Area of the hair that experiences damage from heat and chemicals
  • Holds moisture
Medulla in Detail
  • Center of the hair shaft
  • Isn't continuous throughout the length of hair
  • Thick or coarse hair has a medulla
  • Thin hair usually lacks it
  • Blonde hair doesn't have one
  • It's purpose is unknown

The shape of your hair follicle determines whether your hair will be straight, wavy, or curly. You can have more than one type of hair, or even curl pattern on your head.

The size of your hair follicle determines the thickness.


Hair Facts:
  • There's over 100,000 hair follicles on your head
  • Thick curly hair tend to be short, because sebum can't reach the length of the hair shaft causing the hair to be dry and brittle
  • Hair uses the same cells that are responsible for bone growth
  • There's a muscle fiber connected to the sebaceous gland that controls goosebumps and your hair standing up on end.
  • An unbalanced diet can cause brittle and dry hair
  • Hair gets it shine from sebum the scalp produces
  • Made of about 10% water
  • Animal hooves, claws, and feathers are made of the same thing as your hair - keratin
  • Sebaceous glands are found everywhere except on the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands

If growth and retention are important to you when it comes to hair you should keep all of this in mind. Once your hair is damaged (sun, heat, chemical, etc) it can't be undone. To correct badly damaged hair your only option is to cut it. You can temporarily repair hair with smoothers, conditioners, sealants, silicones, etc, but they're not permanent solutions. Making sure you care for your hair properly can help prevent unwanted chops.

All Rights Reserved
If you copy this picture please link back to this site and give me credit ^_^" Thanks!

(Above) Blue: Cut mark   Red: conditioners
1. A healthy hair can experience slight damage from normal wear of a day. Chlorine, dyes, heated tools, winter hats, brushing, and hair accessories can all wear on your hair over time. The key is protecting your hair and being aware of its state. If you keep up with necessary trims there will be minimal hair removed.

2. After a while your hair can become frayed, experience heat damage, or break off from over processing. You may notice uneven pieces of hair, fly aways, or split ends. This is when you want to start taking action before it spreads. Unattended split ends can travel up the length of the hair causing more damage. These splits get caught on each other, and this causes tangles which can cause further damage.

3. Conditioners, silicones, and oil treatments, for example, can help temporarily seal split hairs, but it's not permanent. After washing those seals are removed and need replaced. This is why conditioning is important. Once the cuticle of your hair is damaged it can't repair itself. It's up to you to maintain and protect the hair.

4. If your hair is continually neglected, or trims aren't being done as necessary you may end up having to cut more than anticipated in order to correct the damage.

5. You can see the difference between trims. If you address it early you'll retain more length than if you put it off. Hair grows at about 1/4 inch a month so in order to retain some length you don't want to cut more than that. Example: Roughly 1.5 inches can be grown in about 6 months time. If you trim more than that it's like knocking your hair length back 6 months. So your hair may healthier if it was damaged, but you won't see the growth. That's why it's important to stay on top of it!

How often do you trim your hair? What do you do to make sure your hair is healthy?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spotted: Special Issue Magazine!!!

I've been trying to narrow my choice down to one article, picture, or hair style, and I just can't do it. The ENTIRE magazine is great!! Essence Hot Hair Special Issue for Fall 2011 is a must have magazine!!! There's a big section just about natural hair ^_^"

Fall 2011: Displayed until Dec 16

Find Inside:
  • Styles that are hot in different regions of the country
  • Great style ideas for all hair lengths
  • Product lists for natural and relaxed hair
  • How-to's on different natural curl styles
  • Tips on hair coloring
  • Wig info
  • And More!

Some things I liked the most were:

Regional Styles- It's interesting to see what other people are doing to their hair. There are more than just afros, even though they're great, and I wear them all the time! I got a lot of style ideas I'd like to try from this section.

Products- I'm always on the hunt for new products. I usually go back to my old faithfuls, but trying new products is fun. I saw more products from lines I already use that I didn't know about too.

Curl Tips- I know that there are number of curl types. All curly hair isn't the same, and some have more needs than others. There's some good info on the different types.

Natural Hair Photos- Recently I've been noticing more photos and stories in magazines with people who have natural hair. A lot of times if there are pictures or stories about natural hair in a magazine it's limited to about 2 pages. I like seeing the different styles, people, and the amount of it here.


I found this magazine at CVS, and I'm sure it could easily be found at any book or grocery store. If you're interested in products, need style ideas, are curious to what's happening in other parts of the country, or just want to read about hair I'd recommend this magazine.

Have you read it already; went to pick it up? What did you think? Comment, let me know, and follow me on Twitter @MzDezy!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Product Quickie: Moisture Milks

I was on the hunt for some new cheap conditioner to do wash n go's with, and stumbled across these!! V05 Moisture Milks. I ended up leaving with the shampoo and conditioner. I like both of these a lot! A little product goes long way. With some shampoos I have to use a ton to get some type of lather, but with this a quarter size amount was plenty. The conditioner worked very well for my wash n go's and I'll definitely be using them again.

Bought from the Dollar Tree for $1 each!!

The fragrance is passion fruit smoothie, and smells amazing! Both the shampoo and conditioner contain soy protein. Protein helps strengthen damaged, or dry hair. After washing my hair it felt super super clean, soft without feeling stripped, and my hair was very shiny. This was my first time using any V05 products and I'm impressed. I'll be on the look out for more V05 products, and deals!

Protein Quickie:
  • Soy protein comes from a vegetable source instead of animal
  • Hair is actually made of a protein called keratin
  • Soy protein is a low fat way to get nutrients without worry's of cholesterol from animal protein
  • It helps in hair growth and fights hair loss

~~~~ Another plus of these two products is that they weren't tested on animals! ~~~~

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Link Between Food & Hair?!?

What does diet and hair have to do with each other?? Do you know the answer? Believe it or not they are directly related! If your diet doesn't have enough fatty acids, vitamins, and protein, for example, you could experience hair loss. Not having enough, or an imbalance can cause dry, brittle hair.

  • To make sebum (oil in scalp/hair) your body needs Vitamin A and C
  • Not getting enough zinc can cause your hair to shed
  • A low protein diet can result in brittle hair, or even loss of hair color
  • Vitamin A helps condition the skin, which leads to shinier hair
  • Not getting the proper amount of calories can stunt your hair growth
I always try to be conscious of what goes into my body, the long term effects, and being healthy over all. I've seen what poor food choices can do to you over the years; I've even had my own scare, and to me it's not worth it. I haven't always been this way though! If I wanted it, it looked and smelled good, and then I was going to eat it. Negative effects on the body, skin, hair, etc wasn't even on my mind. Over time, I've learned that your health is something that you can't always get back. You don't always have a say in what happens to your body, but the areas that you do--take advantage while you can.

You don't have to swear off meat, only eat yogurt, or strictly stick to green foods, but you should be aware of the pros and cons.  ^_^" You may already have an eating style that you're not aware of! I didn't know I fit into a category. Personally, I don't eat red meat, but I had no clue there was a name for that. I just knew I avoid eating Bessie at all costs...and Babe too! Nemo and Chicken Little weren't out of the woods though!

Partial Vegetarian is what my eating style is called. Basically I avoid red meat, but may eat fish, poultry, dairy, and eggs. Carnivore, vegan, ovo vegetarian, and flexitarian are more examples of eating styles.

What's your eating style? Need more info to decide? Check out a blog post I did on eating styles H E R E!! Comment below and tell me what yours is!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Style Quickie: Fro Hawks!

Fro hawks are super easy to wear, fast to style, and very cute! Love them!! There was a time where all I'd wear were fro hawks. I like them, because you're able to dress them up, or wear them casually. I'm also able to have my curls and big hair; both which I love ^_~"  I also like wearing one half of my hair pulled back....half fro hawk??

Things I use to style: wide tooth comb, essential oil (EO) water mix, conditioner, bobby pins, rollers (sometimes), and hair flowers

Old styles such as twist outs, braid out, knot outs, wash n go's, blowout's, etc. can all be easily turned into a fro hawk....or half fro hawk <~~~ I need a name for this; help me out!

Hawks from Wash n Go's

Fresh highlights done @ a N.E.R.D. concert

Big hair!! @ a Common concert

Wash n go with conditioner only

Photo by: Anne Inez Photography

Hawk from a Twist Out

Other Hawks

Old Roller Set

Use flat twists/braids to protect your sides

You can get away with a fro hawk if you're transitioning by flat twisting or braiding the sides, then roller setting the ends. I wouldn't recommend wearing a fro hawk that's loose for too long. The longer you wear it the more chance there is for your hair to tangle. You don't want to risk damaging or losing any hair. If the style is a protective one using set curls, two strand twists, or braids, then it could be worn for a longer amount of time. Fro hawks are a style that can be worn with just about any length of hair. They're super easy to do, and there are many ways to style them.

Yay or nay for fro hawks?? How do you wear/style yours? Show me!!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Winter Tips & Updates

YouTube is a site that has an endless amount of helpful, funny, and entertaining info. I’ve recently gave a shot at making some videos. Initially I thought there was too much work involved, and I wasn’t going to do another. Well, as you can see, that changed! There are two available now, and more to come. MzDezyB on YouTube!!

Stay Encouraged!!
Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye.” –Grey Livingston

Everyone knows winter is approaching. That means dry air, cold temps, itchy skin, and dry hair. You may not be able to do much about the air or temps, but you do have control over your skin and hair!! Here are some QUICK  WINTER  TIPS:
1.     Moisturize your skin with a warm bath. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil and relax. Blot your skin when drying to retain some of the helpful oils. An alternative to essential oil could be jojoba or olive oil. Just add about ¼ cup to a full tub.
2.     Hot Oil treatments are great to protect, strengthen, and soothe dry/brittle hair and scalp. Find a helpful recipe H E R E !
3.     Don’t forget about wearing protective styles to guard your hair from unnecessary breakage. Hats, scarves, dry air, and hair ties can all damage or weaken strands. Examples:
a.     Buns: can be worn casually or more formal. They guard the ends of your hair and minimize rubbing on strands.
b.    Twisted Styles: You’re able to wear multiple styles within this, and minimize manipulation of strands. Hats are still able to be worn with minimal stress to hair.

Shea Butter is an all purpose natural moisturizer, anti inflammatory that’s full of vitamin A and E. It can be used on both the skin and hair! Shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin, has little to no scent, and is a humectant (holds moisture). Shea butter is a must have on deck product for the winter! Want to know more, visit H E R E!!


I’d like to thank every single person who entered my first A Natural Hair Affair Giveaway!! The entries were all great! A winner was selected by someone other than me to be fair. One of my Twitter followers was chosen!!! Congratulations to @LatinaR !!! Check out my blog to see her entry, and more!
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Keep Up To Date:

Never Give Up!!

“Failure is an event, never a person.” – William D. Brown

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick Style: Wash n Go

Here's one method of how I do a quick, simple wash n go! This took a max of 10 minutes to complete, if that.

Things needed:

Wide tooth comb
Spray bottle
Essential oil (EO) of your choice
Towel (optional)

To Make an EO Mix: I use a spray bottle that's easy to control and hold in one hand. Fill it with warm water, then (depending on the size) add about 3 drops of lavender EO, and give it a quick shake.

I try to never comb my hair while dry, because it rips, tears, and risks damaging it. Detangling almost always takes place while I'm washing my hair, and it's covered in conditioner. Detangling while conditioner is on your hair helps lubricate and protect the strands. Conditioner also smoothes the cuticle making it harder for strands to catch, tangle, or pull while combing.

To begin I soak my entire head (using warm, not hot, water) and rinse until the water runs clear. I do this to make sure any product that may be in is rinsed out. Next, I co wash (cleanse hair/scalp using conditioner instead of shampoo) rinse again, then squeeze (not twist) excess water out. After rinsing I soak my hair in conditioner, making sure all sections are covered evenly.

Soaked in conditioner!!


Once the conditioner's in I spray down my entire head very well with the EO mixture. To prevent product build up you want about half of the conditioner to be diluted. When the EO mix is in I massage it around for a few seconds, and then detangle using a wide tooth comb. I start around the edges and ends of my hair, and then work my way closer to the crown and roots. If necessary I hold sections of hair so that strands aren't pulled or ripped out in the process. The wide tooth comb helps in the detangling, and it help define curls without manipulating them too much. If you twist, pull, or rub curly hair while it's wet (or in the drying process) you can cause unwanted frizz. This is why I don't use a towel for wash n go's, but if you choose to be gentle!

Just a little conditioner left after the EO mix spray down and detangling!


****This is all done on the side of my tub and/or holding my head upside down (let gravity help you) ****


Ignore the brows 0_o I was trying to get them together while doing my hair and I need an outline to help  ^_^"
Notice the definition on my curls!! I love it! and brows done in about 10 minutes! You can move your hair around to where you'd like it to be when dry. Try not to manipulate it too much so that you may prevent frizz.

Pros to Wash n Go's:
  • Low maintenance- to refresh in the mornings just spritz with the EO mix and fluff
  • Moisture (water) gets sealed in your hair by the oils in the EO mix
  • You're helping your hair maintain its flexibility by keeping it moistened and conditioned
  • Time needed for styling is minimal
  • Can be done with cheap/expensive product
  • Conditioner coats the cuticle adding protection to the hair
  • Protein conditioners strengthen hair from the inside out
  • Conditioner help define and give a slight hold to curl patterns in hair without gel

Want More Info on Essential Oils? View some of my older posts!!

Want to see another wash n go method?


Quick Tips:

***Using the above method you can turn an old twist/braid/knot out into a quick wash n go. This is helpful when you just have to do something to your hair but are short on time!

***Jazz up a wash n go by adding an accessory such as: hair flower, clips, colorful head band, or a fancy scarf.

***If you have different hair/scalp needs experiment with different EO mixes to help. Example: if you have oily hair, or dandruff you may want to try a Rosemary EO mix.

***I don't recommend this style for someone who's transitioning. Unless you have very little relaxed ends remaining it may not look the best if long pieces remain straight.


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