I'll add helpful links that I talk about in my posts, some that I may find randomly, and others that people direct me to, so check back periodically!!  ^_~"

Essential Oils (EO):

Has hair tips for people 50+. Hair usually dulls around that age and needs a little help ^_^  It tells you which Essential Oil to use for different benefits.  ~Thanks Heather C.

A directory for the Aura Cacia brand Essential Oil. It'll give you details on a number of EO and ways to use them. This is the brand that I see most often when I'm out shopping.

Link to the doTERRA EO brand. Here you can find recipes, spa, beauty, cleaning, and fitness tips for using EO. You can also find info on how to receive a FREE SAMPLE of doTERRA EO.

Etsy Shops:

You can find my handmade whipped shea coconut butter and more!

How-to's :

YouTube video of conditioner only method to styling. I like to do this with a cheap conditioner such as Suave with my wash n go's ~Thanks Toia!

Tightly Curly will give you tons of info on defining curls, trimming, products, ingredients, and a ton of other resources. Teri gives her personal story on her hair, and you can see before (relaxed days) and after (relaxer free) photos of her. ~Thanks Toia!

YouTube channel by curlychronicles. Here you can see videos showing styling tips, natural care, retro styling. You can also find out about yoga and health care! ~Thanks Toia!

YouTube video on an apple cider vinegar rinse. ~Thanks Toia!

Get great hairstyle idea, tips, knowledge from Prettydimples01 on YouTube. Her videos go way back, so you can watch her hair journey and see the changes! Her channel is one that I watch regularly.


This takes you to Malika Saada Saar's website called The Rebecca Project. Malika is a human rights lawyer and the organization fights for equal rights, advocacy, social change, and awareness. She does this all while rocking natural hair. If you've thought professionalism and natural hair don't mix, think again! ~Elle Magazine Oct '11 Issue


Great site to share photos and meet others with similar interests, enter contests, and get style ideas. There are a ton of natural hair wearers subscribed to this. ~Thanks Toia!

Here you can find hair forums, style photos, videos, articles, and more. Join the community to meet other women who have chemical free hair, an interest in natural hair, or just healthy hair in general. ~Thanks Toia!


Vitamins, protein, balms, scalp oils, and more can be found here. Ingredients and instructions on how to use are also provided on the site. You can read testimonies and techniques on hair care from users. ~Thanks Toia

Special People ^_~":

Toia is a great photographer. I love the fact that the models she chooses aren't "text book" models. She did a series of shoots with people who have natural hair. Check her out!

Liz is an upbeat, super cool, creative person. She is also a talented photographer and she loves the kids! Check out some of her work here!