Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lazy Dayz

This week with all of its lovely pool weather, and me having to work inside for most of it, has been extra long! I haven't been up to doing anything too time consuming with my hair. Variations of a puff has been this weeks goto hairdo. Me chilling at the pool has been on the to-do list, but I just haven't been able to make it happen. I miss being able to have a REAL summer vacation with NO serious responsibilities--siiigh, the good ol days. Like most folks, work is part of the regularly schedule program, so I had to get my do' together. Bare minimum effort is what I could muster today...SO fancy puff it was!

French roll with puff~An old braid out is how this started.

In less than five minutes this style was achieved. I used:

  • my trusty old black hair ribbon
  • about 4 bobby pins
  • a brush 
  • Pink hair moisturizing lotion
  • spray bottle with water & essential oil
Got to work before I thought about taking pics for a blog entry : )
My puggle Scrappy in the background!!

With my hair loose I used about a 50 cent piece size of Pink lotion and, to add moisture, sprayed my hair down. Next, with a wet brush I smoothed my hair back on the sides, so I could put my hair up. Then, to keep stray hairs down I tied my hair ribbon around and tied in a bow.

After playing with the position of my puff; I styled the loose hair into a french roll. Starting near my neck, I began to rolled my hair up, tucking on the way. When I had enough rolled to make the puff at the top look the way I liked, I secured the french roll with bobby pins before letting go. If there were stray pieces I used another bobby pin. I got an extra 10 mins of winks in this morn, and still made it to work -TGIF- with a cute do'    ^ _~"   

Oh yea!!! I found a HUGE bottle (with a pump) of Pink moisturizing hair lotion at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $10!!!!! I've seen Pink lotion at some stores, in a fraction of the size, for about half that price. Sally's def has the best deal on the hair lotion that I've come across!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Every year, when June rolls around, I look forward to parades, cookouts, amusement parks and summer festivals!!! Strong emphasis on summer festivals! My all time favorite is COMFEST (google it)!!! As soon as it ends I start planning for the next one. I absolutely love love LOVE Comfest, incense, the music, hippie skirts, the people..evvvverything! If you've never been before you are missing out AND should mark your calendar for Comfest 2012!

This year I didn't really have a plan for my hair. Usually it would be out, wild, and crazy in a fro. The night before, I washed my hair and wanted to do small two strands with flat two strands on the side. THEN I got lazy, blew it out, and put big chunky two strands in to call it a night. Really just went with the flow on this one and surprised myself.

What's a good name for this style??

Since this style wasn't planned I didn't take pictures throughout the process. Try to picture just random big twists all over my head. Taking two of those twists I made an even bigger twist and pinned it down. For the end result, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted all of my hair off of my neck, and out of my face! I'd rather dance in a drum circle and eat okra than be pushing hair out of my eyes!

There are no extra hair products used with this style. Simply shampoo and conditioner for this one. My hair felt very healthy, soft, and moisturized, which is always a good thing in my book.

Side note: My hair flowers are here to stay    ^_^'    I've been on the search for some new flowers--maybe some fancier ones. If you've spotted a good place to find some let me know! What do you like to do in the summer? Do you have any hair tactics, or goto styles? I'm interested in knowing--leave me a comment!