Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spotted: Lorna Simpson

Reading Elle magazine on my lunch break I came across a picture of a woman wearing a colorful outfit with full gorgeous curly hair! It really caught my attention, and made me want to find out who she was. Off to Google I went!!

Elle Magazine December 2011 Issue
Her Bio: H E R E!!
Lorna Simpson is a photographer; an artist. Her work can be found in many studios and museums. Lorna is well known for her photos that include bold, but minimal words. Think Nike women ad that says, "I have thunder thighs". The purpose is to challenge your initial assumption from culture, gender, or even history in the photo. It'll definitely make you think twice before jumping to a conclusion.

Lorna Simpson's work has been displayed at:
  • MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY)
  • Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
  • Miami Museum of Art
  • Exhibit's in Paris, France
  • and Other International Locations!
One of her latest projects was taking old flea market photos of African Americans from the 1950's and then recreating them with her own spin. Earlier this year Lorna's exhibit, Gathered, was found in the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Photo Source: H E R E!!
I really like Lorna's art style and creativity. If one of her exhibits ever comes close I'll be making an appearance!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


For my very first giveaway I asked what an image would look like if you had to show what represented you. The entries were all very creative and had different perspectives. I loved seeing them all! I'd like to say thank you, again, to everyone who participated! Images can say a thousand words! Here is the image that was chosen for this giveaway.

Here's what NaturalHairLatina had to say about her image:

"I made each handmade item and created a collage. I believe my personality speaks through with each item. The first two are earrings made of wood, I'm often stubborn and hard as a rock. The pink is Africa earring painted pink for breast cancer awareness-Get a mamogram and save the tata's. Africa earring painted purple is for domestic violence, "I love you" is not suppose to hurt. Next, three are my favorite rasta colors, hair flower-I'm blossoming into my authentic self. Pendant I can carry with me at all times. Earrings love of rasta colors. Next, pair of earrings are unique, bold and one of a kind, turquoise, orange, purple, cream. Also, an black, silver and olive green (abstract) like me. Last represent my love for hip hop, cassete tape stud earrings and a round circle pair that look like an album."

Do you have something that represents you? Why does that picture say, you? Comment & share!

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Video: Warning High Heat!

Warning: High Heat!

How do you protect your hair from heat damage?? Do you have any horror stories? I know I do!! One of the worst things that I've don't to my hair was trying to hot comb it. The comb was way too hot and burned right through my hair. The section was on the crown of my head. so there was no hiding it. About two inches of hair was left. Terrible!! Learned my lesson with that! You can learn more about heat damage H E R E!!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

CLOSED: Hair Challenge 2014!

In case you didn't know, there's a hair challenge going on right now, and it is Free.99! I've decided to commit and join in with it. Basically it's for you to grow your hair naturally for the next two years. The challenge is for you not to wear wigs, weaves, or braid extensions! This can be hard, especially with winter coming, and protective styles, such as these, being worn a lot during this season. There are women from all over who are joining the challenge. There will be future events, before and after pics, networking, you can talk to others who have joined it, and more.

Over these two years you are to maintain healthy hair, and grow it to a length of your choosing. Here's a quick fact from the Natural Hair Challenge 2014 site:

"Hair grows about ½ inch per month, so in one year you could easily grow 6” of hair.  In two and a half years you could grow 15 inches of natural hair and even more if your factor in the hair you started with.  If you started with 4" of hair, that could easily total 19 inches of hair …"

I always try to keep my hair growing and healthy. Sticking with this is part of my New Year Resolution! I think it will be fun to challenge myself to grow my hair longer in this time frame! The other part of my New Year Resolution is to stick to things on my to do list. I always make a list of things I want to do, need to do, places I want to go, places to see, etc., but never get to them. My resolution is that once a month I will do one thing on my to do list!

Examples of things on my list:
  1. Try a specific restaurant in town
  2. Try out for a specific group I'm interested in
  3. Attend an annual festival I never make it to
  4. Visit some small local shops I've never been to

What is your New Year Resolution and how do you plan on sticking to it??? It's def not too early to start thinking about it! Have you ever stuck to a resolution that you made? What's the longest you've went? That leads me to this........a New Year Resolution Giveaway!!!!

To Enter You Must:
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  1. Must follow me on Twitter, and tweet the above message (Bonus Entry)
  2. Must like the Facebook fan page, submit your resolution AND plan (1 Entry)
  3. All submissions must be received before 11:59 PM December 31, 2011

Giveaway Prize:

The winner of this giveaway will receive a gift basket with things to help them with their New Year Resolution!! You'll be nice and refreshed in the new year, and able to keep track of your progress. 
Included: Note pads to keep you on track of your new year resolution, a jar of my hand whipped shea coconut body & hair butter, a jar of my sweet almond body sugar scrub, a sample of my lavender bath salts, a manicure/pedicure tool set, and a pair of my handmade earrings!!!


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