Friday, February 10, 2012

Hair Oops!

Have you ever had a hair disaster before?? How did you fix it, or cope with it? While reading about some past and present style icons I came across some info about the great late singer Billie Holiday. Besides a powerful voice, Lady Day was known for wearing gardenia flowers in her hair. This led to a trend that many still follow. I personally can't get enough of hair flowers! Did you know that this was an accidental trend? Yep, it's true! Mrs. Holiday had a section of hair burned off by a curling iron that was too hot!! To mask the area she pinned flowers all over it. This cover-up turned out to be a signature look for her.



My hair oops

During my 1st attempt at transitioning I tried to straighten my hair with a straightening comb. Bad BAD idea! The comb was way too hot and literally burned through my hair. Just my luck it happened to be a section at the crown of my head. I was left with a cluster of about 1 inch hairs sticking straight up in the air. Imagine the little hairs on top of tweety birds head, SO embarrassing! There was really no way to cover this up. It took a few months of scalp massages with tea tree oil and heat avoidance to grow the spot out to a workable length. I definitely learned my lesson, and have not repeated it since! I wish I had pictures of it to serve as a warning of what heat damage can do.


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  1. well, let's see... are we talking about the first, second or third time my hair fell out? lol


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