Friday, July 15, 2011


Every year, when June rolls around, I look forward to parades, cookouts, amusement parks and summer festivals!!! Strong emphasis on summer festivals! My all time favorite is COMFEST (google it)!!! As soon as it ends I start planning for the next one. I absolutely love love LOVE Comfest, incense, the music, hippie skirts, the people..evvvverything! If you've never been before you are missing out AND should mark your calendar for Comfest 2012!

This year I didn't really have a plan for my hair. Usually it would be out, wild, and crazy in a fro. The night before, I washed my hair and wanted to do small two strands with flat two strands on the side. THEN I got lazy, blew it out, and put big chunky two strands in to call it a night. Really just went with the flow on this one and surprised myself.

What's a good name for this style??

Since this style wasn't planned I didn't take pictures throughout the process. Try to picture just random big twists all over my head. Taking two of those twists I made an even bigger twist and pinned it down. For the end result, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted all of my hair off of my neck, and out of my face! I'd rather dance in a drum circle and eat okra than be pushing hair out of my eyes!

There are no extra hair products used with this style. Simply shampoo and conditioner for this one. My hair felt very healthy, soft, and moisturized, which is always a good thing in my book.

Side note: My hair flowers are here to stay    ^_^'    I've been on the search for some new flowers--maybe some fancier ones. If you've spotted a good place to find some let me know! What do you like to do in the summer? Do you have any hair tactics, or goto styles? I'm interested in knowing--leave me a comment!


  1. Really nice and unique style!

  2. Thanks :-) I'm glad you like it!!


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