Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lazy Dayz

This week with all of its lovely pool weather, and me having to work inside for most of it, has been extra long! I haven't been up to doing anything too time consuming with my hair. Variations of a puff has been this weeks goto hairdo. Me chilling at the pool has been on the to-do list, but I just haven't been able to make it happen. I miss being able to have a REAL summer vacation with NO serious responsibilities--siiigh, the good ol days. Like most folks, work is part of the regularly schedule program, so I had to get my do' together. Bare minimum effort is what I could muster today...SO fancy puff it was!

French roll with puff~An old braid out is how this started.

In less than five minutes this style was achieved. I used:

  • my trusty old black hair ribbon
  • about 4 bobby pins
  • a brush 
  • Pink hair moisturizing lotion
  • spray bottle with water & essential oil
Got to work before I thought about taking pics for a blog entry : )
My puggle Scrappy in the background!!

With my hair loose I used about a 50 cent piece size of Pink lotion and, to add moisture, sprayed my hair down. Next, with a wet brush I smoothed my hair back on the sides, so I could put my hair up. Then, to keep stray hairs down I tied my hair ribbon around and tied in a bow.

After playing with the position of my puff; I styled the loose hair into a french roll. Starting near my neck, I began to rolled my hair up, tucking on the way. When I had enough rolled to make the puff at the top look the way I liked, I secured the french roll with bobby pins before letting go. If there were stray pieces I used another bobby pin. I got an extra 10 mins of winks in this morn, and still made it to work -TGIF- with a cute do'    ^ _~"   

Oh yea!!! I found a HUGE bottle (with a pump) of Pink moisturizing hair lotion at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $10!!!!! I've seen Pink lotion at some stores, in a fraction of the size, for about half that price. Sally's def has the best deal on the hair lotion that I've come across!


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