Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naturally Meet: Karita

It's been a while since we've had a Naturally Meets post, so I decided to bring it back with a friend of mine. This beauty has overcome many obstacles and continues to climb, break barriers, and achieve a list of goals. She's very talented, wears many hats, is down to earth, and rocks natural hair. If you haven't already heard her name, be on the look out! I'd like you to Naturally Meet Karita Fleming!!

How long have you had natural hair? Over 10 years

What's your definition of natural hair? Just no relaxers, because to say chemical free is silly. You're setting yourself up for the impossible, because even dreadlocks require maintenance with conditioners and shampoos; all which have chemicals in it. Even the water we use to wash it has chemicals in it.

Do you have a favorite style to wear?  I love em all. My style changes when the wind blows. I can flat iron it straight, add color, or rock a giant afro. The possibilities are limitless.

Any must have products?  Just recently discovered Mane and Tail detangler, it is a life saver. It quite literally transformed my hair from a gnarled up monkey knuckle that would break a comb, into a healthy manageable tangle free mess of curls.

If you could suggest 2 things to someone who's considering going relaxer free what would they be? First, don't think just because your hair is natural you have to rock an afro for the rest of your life. As a model or actress, for me having to always rock the same style would be a career killer. Natural offers the same hair options as a relaxer, and in fact more, because you can now dye your hair, you can straighten it with a flat iron, wear weaves and wigs, play with textures, or you can rock an afro with little to no lasting damage to your hair.

Second, to be honest not everyone looks good with the afro just as some people can't rock short hair or red hair, or blond isn't your thing, but please really explore all your natural options, for instance like more people don't know this, but Queen Latifah has natural hair she keeps braided in cornrows or flat ironed.

What was your biggest hair mishap? The last hair show I did for Paul Mitchell. It was so terrible. They bleached my hair then died it 5 colors, and shaved a headband into my head and cut out little stars in the middle of my hair.

How did you cope?  After the show I went home and balled my eyes out. Let's just say a good chunk of that pay check went to getting me a nice wig for a month or two.

Where do you get hair styles/fashion tips from? From anywhere and everywhere, sometimes it might be an anime I saw, a film, book, my shoes, or the way the sunsets and the biggest is YouTube. Someone will know how to exactly what you want to do to your hair and tell you how to do it step by step. I learned how to cornrow my own hair last night for instance and I love making my own clothes so it gives you that too.

Do you have any fav hair sites, blogs, or magazines?  I look for inspiration from every possible source. I have to admit it, but I am that chick that loves getting the hottest styles first (just to be like you ain't up on this). So I usually watch YouTube for most of the fashion weeks from around the world. It usually is an indicator of the next big trends. I love love love Trendhunter.com. Being a model and actress means you have to take in a lot of media from music videos to magazines. Well, I haven't actually read a real magazine in a long time, but my favorite blog, besides yours, is MUSE from Paris, and Cutie from Japan, and of course ISIS from the U.K. As for films the biggest influence right now is, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," original version and anime from Japan. I have to stop there, because this would take over the whole blog to name them all off.


What does your family and friends think about your hair? My mom is so not a fan, but my boyfriend loves it when I pull out my Foxy Cleopatra (my Afro's nickname).

Are you your hair?  Yes and no. Hair is dead; it isn't a living organism no matter what a hair commercial tells you. But what I do with my hair is an expression of me.

If your hair had a theme song, what would it be? Chaka Kahn 1979 "I'm Every Woman"

Did you transition from your relaxed hair, or did you do the big chop? I actually got bored of my hair when I was about 16. Like I always had long relaxed hair for most of my life, and one day I wanted my hair to be a reflection of me, so I chopped it all off like the chick from 28 days later and never looked back.

 Any pics to share? Girl, they are plastered all over my internet and facebook, but I have a few just for your blog.

Is there anywhere we can see more of you online? Recently I was featured in Vibe Vixen Magazine, and finished an editorial for ISIS, which is a British mag dedicated to natural hair. You can also see me on the first season of MTV2's Burnout the Ultimate Challenge, and soon to be aired Syfy Pilot "Wizard Hunters." Also check out my page and Facebook.

Twitter? @KaritaFleming

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