Thursday, June 7, 2012

Length Check & Updates

In the past the length of my hair wasn't as much of a priority to me as the health and condition of my hair. I still feel that hair grows back and there's nothing wrong with cutting it. In October of 2011 I signed up for a hair challenge, It's All Mine. After doing a henna treatment I blow dried, trimmed, and flat ironed my hair straight. I noticed that my hair has grown a lot. Even though I've been completely relaxer free for some years now I never stopped getting hair cuts. The cuts were more than just a trim so prior to joining the hair challenge my hair appeared to stay the same length. It's definitely been a challenge to keep the scissors away from my hair if it's not for trimming purposes.

If you haven't checked out Naturally MzDezy on Facebook yet I encourage you to! I recently posted a photo showing my hair growth from October 2011 to the present.

The Natural Hair Challenge 2014 is now closed, but if you're interested in seeing how much hair you can grow and retain I'd say go for it! "Unofficially join" the challenge by pledging to do all that's necessary to protect, and maintain your hair. For me the trick is staying on top of conditioning daily, deep conditioning as needed, and trimming as needed. Wearing styles other than poofs and wash n go's has helped me be successful in growth retention. Being challenged to do protective styling has been interesting as well. I've come up with some pretty creative hair styles along the way.

Have you been documenting your own hairs progress? Do you have pictures of styles you've done on yourself or others? Share your pictures via Naturally MzDezy on Facebook, and be added to the "Hair I Did" album!! You'd be surprised by who you can inspire with your hair photos. You can also send me a Tweet @MzDezy!


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