Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Protective Style

Protective styles are one of the best ways to wear your hair if you're chemical free. Simply put, they're styles that keep, shedding, breakage, tangling etc to a minimum---protecting your hairs health. Braids (with your hair or weave), two strand twists, and flat twists are examples of protective styles. Twist/braid outs and fros look nice, but aren't "good" for your hair because the strands are more likely to be damaged/break from the sun, heat, tangles etc. I like to wear protective styles, but they're the most time consuming styles that I've done on myself.

As always I always start with freshly cleaned scalp and hair that's conditioned. With the following style I could've stopped after I did the side twists and wore a fro hawk I love my fro hawks!! They're super easy to do and there's a million and one ways to styling them!

Since I'll be taking a trip soon, VEGAS,  I didn't want to have to fool with my hair too much until it's time to do the style I'll have for the mini vaca. Protective style it was! I didn't have a pattern in mind before I began. This was just a freestyle and totally random. I did 7 two strand flat twists on the side. After parting the hair for the twist I added a small amount of Hawaiian Silky hair cream. It smells SO good and helps repair/condition your hair. I use this product for a few hair styles. The second product I used was the wave moisturizer. This was added to the hair left out from the flat twists. I love using this if I'm doing small two strand twists. It keeps your hair very soft and moisturized--you def feel/see a difference after wards. Oh yea, a little goes a long way when it comes to the wave moisturizer!

The flat twists are twisted all the way to the end then I wrapped the twist into a mini bantu knot and secured with a small rubber band. Rubber bands always always pull out chunks of my hair no matter how careful I am at putting them in. I used one rubber band for each twist here, BUT I didn't twist the rubber band to get it to stay. I chose the tiniest ones I could find and just slipped it on to the knot--so far so good with this!

I didn't use a comb to part or section my hair. I started at the back toward my neck; grabbed tiny sections, and started twisting working my way up. Small twists were what I had in mind. Usually the longer I'm twisting the bigger the twists start to get  O_o  Not intentional..Smaller twists last longer. This is the end result! If my hair got dry while doing it I just lightly sprayed it with a water bottle to re-wet it. After my whole head was done I used large rollers on random sections, then covered with a satin bonnet for the night. Right before I left for work the next morning I took the rollers out, then finger combed through the curled twists.

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