Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two strand twists

Two strand twists are one of my favorite hairstyles to wear. They hold up and last a while plus you can style them in lots of different ways! With the hair demos I'll try to include the products I use and the steps I take for the different styles.

I started with a freshly washed head! This Creme of Nature shampoo (below) is the!! Absolutely love it! My hair/scalp feel clean, doesn't over dry, hair is soft/detangled, and it smells SO good!

With this style I wanted some length to it. So I put my hair into 4 sections and blow dried on low heat for about 2 mins before I started twisting. I worked my head 1 section at a time. Doing this helps the process go faster in my opinion.

Before twisting I add very little of the Motions cream to the section of hair I'm going to twist. Try not to use too much product or you'll end up with a stiff, crunchy twist! If you don't use enough product your twist won't last as long and may untwist itself over time.

I always like to do my twists while watching a movie/tv, it helps the time go by quicker. I also don't make hard parts when grabbing hair to twist or the end result will have gaps/spaces. If you're going for a more finished look then hard parts made with a comb would work for you.

This is the the halfway point. The 2 back sections are done.

Full head completely done. You can stop here if you'd like or style the twists into a fun 'do.

I think I found this at CVS. Walmart, grocery stores, Target, neighborhood hair stores carries this. It's not a hard product/expensive product to find. It cost maybe $5. Since you don't need a lot when doing twists this jar lasts a very long time!!

I usually only see specialized Creme of Nature at local hair stores. Target may occasionally have a basic Creme of Nature shampoo/conditioner. I may just pick the wrong days to shop too, so don't quote me! This specific one is certified organic, which is also a plus!

I wanted a little curl to the twists, so I used perm rods on the ends. I didn't roll them too tight, or all the way up because I wanted to keep some length. I kept them in over night and just covered my head with a satin hair bonnet.

I've had these twists in for about a week now. I like change, so they could last a little longer, but I'm probably going to switch it up in the next day or two.

Other options with these that I wore this week:
  • Gathered my hair in the back into a french roll, then used chop sticks to hold it in place. I let stray strands fall on different parts of my head. 
  • You can roll the perm rods tighter, or closer to your scalp for tighter curls. The twists will be very curly and during the day they'll fall some.
  • Made a part between some twists, pinned them back and placed an artificial flower next to my ear. You'll learn that I have a thing for flowers in my hair.

I'd love to hear feedback on other variations of this, comments, and questions about this style too!!!

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