Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Myspace, afros, twists...and More!!

Not too long ago for some super random, strange reason, I remembered Myspace! Forgot ALL about that website, and me having a long lost profile on it. With some playing around of email-password combos I was able to login. Boy oh boy was I entertained for about 15 minutes! On my profile are a ton of pictures that go back a few years.

One of the things that stood out to me was how my hair has changed over time and how often. I rediscovered pictures of me with a relaxer, during my FIRST try at transitioning, after my BC (big chop), with braid extensions, with hair tracks, etc. It took me about three tries before I actually stuck with being chemical-free. Saying no to a relaxer was definitely not the easiest thing I've done. Now, there's no turning back for me =^_^= Enjoy!

My first couple attempts at transitioning:

I remember this hurting SO much to comb!! I had no clue how to manage my transitioning hair. That ultimately sent me back to a relaxer.
At the beginning I found it easier to maintain my do' by blow drying and straightening it. I do NOT suggest that if your ultimate goal is to have healthier hair!


Love roller-sets!! If I had a hooded drier I'd wear them more often.

Reasons I like Roller-Sets:
  • It's a SET style, so it'll last longer than a style usually would
  • You can set your hair by air drying
  • Even though your hair's "set" there's still versatility in styles you can wear
  • If you do visit a salon they're usually very inexpensive to get

Comb twists (coils), or finger twists is another great style! A different look with similar pros of roller-set styles.

Protective Styles:

Two Strand Twists curled with rollers

Single Braid extensions that a friend did for me back in the dorm days

Corn Row Braids with hair extensions. The hanging braids can be twisted into a bun at the neck for a different look.

Christmas with Scrappy!!!
Senegalese Twists with hair extensions that were curled with hot water

Pros of Protective Styles:
  • They help minimize breakage that your hair might incur from daily wear
  • Usually can be worn for a long period of time
  • With braid extensions I was still able to wash/condition my hair regularly
  • Easier to just "get up and go"
The last point mentioned might be one of my favs! I like to just get up and go...get as many winks in as I can . This is why wash and go's are at the top of my list for hairstyles!

My 24th bday party I believe

NERD Concert!!!!!!

Wash n Go Fro

Side View

Front Row of a N*E*R*D  concert

A very spontaneous shot! Was helping a photog out at an event.

Night out with my girl! Good times!!

Big bro and I!! Wash and go with short locs.
For the most part, wash and go's are preferred by me, because of what they simply are. In and out, but still looking good! There are a number of different ways that I go about doing my wash and go's.

Keep an eye out for that posting and others in the near future!  ^_~"   Don't forget to follow me for updates. I also LOVE feedback, thoughts, advice, etc., so keep it coming and thank you!!! *MUAH*


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