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One of my all time favorite oils to pull out of the medicine cabinet is my old faithful tea tree oil! It can be used in many many ways. Tea tree oil is great to use for dry and/or itchy skin--scalp included. It can be used as body oil in place of lotions. To help my scalp, while wearing my finger twists I've been applying tea tree oil to my fingers, then giving myself scalp massages to rub it in. Anytime you massage your scalp (or anywhere on your body) it helps with blood flow, which can help promote healthy cells, circulation and hair growth.

 I once tried to hot comb my own hair..believe I was about 18---BAD IDEA!!! A section of hair at the very top of my head was burned off. It literally was about an inch of hair left. Picture those three hairs standing up on tweety birds head  O_o  Yea, that is what I had going on. EMBARRASSING! The hairs were also a funny beige color, because I literally had burned my hair off! Ran to my mom near tears, who laughed of course, because I was so upset. There wasn't anything she could do to fix it. Tea tree oil became my go to product soon after that. Massaging the area I burned off with the oil a couple times a day really helped that area recover, and grow back healthier. It probably took a good 5 months for the patch to catch up with the rest of my hair. Lesson was definitely learned from this!!!
**You can also do these tea tree oil scalp massages on your temple areas if you have thinning hair there.
BENEFITS (when used topically):
  • Antiviral (blisters, cold sores)
  • Antibacterial (acne, yeast)
  • Anti fungal (nails, fish tanks)
  • Antiseptic (acne, eczema)  
  • Helps manage dandruff
If you have an issue going on I wouldn't suggest skipping out on the doc, and subbing oil for an appointment. Do a little research if you're interested in the many uses of tea tree oil. As always, use your good sense when it comes to things like this  ^_^
There are many many types of tea tree oil's out there. Pure essential tea tree oil usually comes in a small colored bottle and is pricey. I don't often see this in stores, but it's widely available online. The bottle I picked up has tea tree, along with a number of other helpful oils. If you do use something other than pure essential tea tree oil make sure you check the ingredient list. Tea tree oil actually needs to be the base ingredient or close to it, or else you're not getting the most benefits from the product. You also want to steer away from products that have a base of mineral oil. Mineral oil is a product of petroleum and has no beneficial qualities.

Tea tree oil is the 2nd ingredient in this product
Other ingredients: soybean oil, safflower seed oil, rose hips, sweet almond oil, peanut oil (important to look for if you have allergies), aloe, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil, chamomilla, rosemary, sage, lemon peel, indian cress, white nettle, and more! If you're not sure about these other ingredients check back for future posts on essential oils, their benefits, and many uses!!!

Today marks Day 6 of my finger curls!! They're still holding and going strong! I'm still not covering my hair at night, but I am continuing to sleep on a satin pillow case. This morning I did a scalp massage with the tea tree oil, because my head was itching. Itchy scalp (or anything for that matter) drives me crazy, and I always need to solve it quick as possible. One thing I really like about tea tree oil is that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling behind. It rubs into your skin with little effort.

While massaging I stretched a bunch of curls at once to fluff any spots that I slept on. During the stretching process tea tree oil is being distributed to the curls, giving them a shine!

With styles like this I don't like hard parts. To make a part without it looking too intentional I used a large bobby pin to hold a section of hair to one side. This is easily done, because of the way I made the finger curls in this area initially.

That's the full extent of this "style"! After this, I hurried out the door to work. T-G-I-F!!

Left: It gets cold in the office!! Thanks for the handy, extra comfy blanket Ma ^_~" Oh yea, I added earrings
Right: Warming up outside on my lunch break, while reading. I <3 my Kindle!

That reminds me. I added a widget to my blog page for Shelfari. If you haven't check it out yet you must! It's an Amazon social network type site. You get your own "shelf", and on this shelf you can put books you love, have read, want to read, and/or own. After doing all of this you can find others who have similar book interests; ask questions before buying a book, etc. Check out my shelf on the left hand side of the blog. Do you have any book suggestions? Share!

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