Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wash n Go!

I made it to DAY 14 with my finger curls!! The curls probably could've lasted longer, but I was ready for a change. Fourteen days is an extremely long time for me with one style. Sooo wash n go it was! I absolutely love wash n go's!! Lived on them for the longest time and never had an issue. This time I decided to try an Ecostyler Wash n Go. There was still plenty of the Ecostyler Argan Oil Gel left. The huge tub I showed in my previous posting, I bought at Sally's for about $8. You can also find it at dollar stores and other places, but Sally's has the best deal for the quantity you get.

As always I started with a freshly washed head of hair ^_^ Using hair clips, I sectioned my hair, detangled and started in the very back near my neck. I applied the Ecostyler similar to how I did for the finger curls. Once a small amount of gel was applied, I raked my fingers through the hair. While raking you'll see your curls become more defined. I do this for a couple passes then move on.

This is the back of my head and the finished result!!

  • You're getting the benefits of the argan oil
  • No damage from alcohol by using the ecostyler brand
  • Style will last a while because of the gel
  • Low maintenance
  • It's a wash n go--you're free to leave now
  • It takes a long time to air dry at room temp
  • If you air dry you may have a lot of shrinkage in length

To maintain this style at night I simply sleep on a satin pillow case. I don't cover my hair at night, because I don't want a bonnet or scarf crunching my curls up. In the mornings I use my pink water bottle (shown in previous posting). The only thing different with the water bottle this time is I've added 1 drop of pure Lavender Essential Oil (EO). A few sprays on my hair, fluff here and there, then I'm done!


~A diffuser may be used to dry your curls once the ecostyler's applied. This can save you some length if you're worried about shrinkage from air drying.

~To jazz up the look, clips, flowers, scarves, head bands, etc., may be added.

~You may use a different EO in your water bottle to get different benefits and scents. 1 drop is plenty, and goes a long way for a small bottle like mine.

Do you have other methods for doing wash n go's? Share!! Don't forget to subscribe, and to give some feedback  ^_~"

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