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Warning: High Heat

Did you know.... that using a heated hair tool that's too hot can permanently damage your hair after just one use?? Yep, it's true! This damage causes the cuticle to stay straight and not return to its curly state even after many washes.

Did you know.... that your hair can literally boil from heated hair tools if they're not properly used? When this happens the keratin softens and can explode.

Magnified you can see the heat damage--bubbles were caused
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The 1st piece of hair gets the tool when it's at its hottest and in its most damaging state!!
Example of heat damage from a styling tool--courtesy of my cousin
 Did you know.... that different hair types (straight, curly, wavy, and thin, etc.) have temperature limits when it comes to heat?

Do you use the suggested amount of heat? Too much, too little?
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Did you know.... that the smoke you see while blow drying is actually moisture evaporating from your hair! This can cause serious damage that can't be repaired.

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Photos of Heat Damage:

Magnified Split Ends
How to fix--cut them off! If you ignore
them, they can travel up the hair shaft.

THIS is what my patch of hair looked like when I tried to hot comb it!!!
The only difference was that the damaged remains were in the crown of my head. There was NO hiding them!

Healthy hair over length! If you focus on the over all
health; the length will come.

Over processing your hair with chemicals can result in the same damage as putting too much heat on it!

~~Always flat iron clean and conditioned hair! This can help minimize possible damage.

~~It's best to towel dry your hair as much as possible before blow drying. Blow dry on medium-low heat.

~~Invest in a good flat iron. The money spent is well worth the protection and outcome of your hair!!

~~Always use heating tools that YOU can control the temperature of! Off-On buttons aren't going to cut it.


Ways to Protect Your Hair:
  • Check to see if the flat iron you bought also has heat protecting products
  • Use the lowest recommended setting to begin
  • Recognize different textures (if any) in your hair. Different sections may need different amounts of heat
  • Never style wet hair!! Make sure your hair is 100% dry
  • Use shampoos/conditioners that assist in straight styles. That way you won't have to apply heat daily
  • Blow dry/flat iron in sections. Smaller sections will need less time under heat vs. a thick section
  • If heat's a must--deep condition weekly to prevent damage
  • When possible--air dry your hair
  • Try heat activated products
  • Follow the directions that actually come with your styling tools


You shouldn't be afraid of heat, or avoid it completely. With all things, moderation, information, and protection are the key!! At least in theory right ^_^  Me personally, I use a flat iron, and blow drier, but on rare occasions. It only takes one time for damage to be done though! There are ways to help protect your hair against the heat of styling tools.

Heat can also be a positive thing for you hair. When conditioning, the reason it's advised to rinse with lukewarm water, or to wear a warm towel/shower cap, is because of the heat. Heat "opens up" your hair allowing for the conditioner to be absorbed. If the heat source is too hot, yes damage may be done.

Are there any products that you use to help prevent heat damage?

Have you had to deal with damage done by you, or a stylist??

Is there a brand of styling tools you'd recommend???

Comment below!!!

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