Thursday, November 10, 2011

Style Quickie: Fro Hawks!

Fro hawks are super easy to wear, fast to style, and very cute! Love them!! There was a time where all I'd wear were fro hawks. I like them, because you're able to dress them up, or wear them casually. I'm also able to have my curls and big hair; both which I love ^_~"  I also like wearing one half of my hair pulled back....half fro hawk??

Things I use to style: wide tooth comb, essential oil (EO) water mix, conditioner, bobby pins, rollers (sometimes), and hair flowers

Old styles such as twist outs, braid out, knot outs, wash n go's, blowout's, etc. can all be easily turned into a fro hawk....or half fro hawk <~~~ I need a name for this; help me out!

Hawks from Wash n Go's

Fresh highlights done @ a N.E.R.D. concert

Big hair!! @ a Common concert

Wash n go with conditioner only

Photo by: Anne Inez Photography

Hawk from a Twist Out

Other Hawks

Old Roller Set

Use flat twists/braids to protect your sides

You can get away with a fro hawk if you're transitioning by flat twisting or braiding the sides, then roller setting the ends. I wouldn't recommend wearing a fro hawk that's loose for too long. The longer you wear it the more chance there is for your hair to tangle. You don't want to risk damaging or losing any hair. If the style is a protective one using set curls, two strand twists, or braids, then it could be worn for a longer amount of time. Fro hawks are a style that can be worn with just about any length of hair. They're super easy to do, and there are many ways to style them.

Yay or nay for fro hawks?? How do you wear/style yours? Show me!!

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