Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quickie: Poof

The poof, or puff, is definitely one of my favorite ways to wear my hair. I like them simply because they're easy to do, can be worn causally or dressed up. You can make a puff from an old twist out, blow out, braid out, wash n go, and more. It's a style that can be worn in many many different ways!!

This morning's go around with the poof was a simple 2 minute style. I had an appointment to get to that I was running late for. Only a couple of things were needed for this. They include:

  1. A hair ribbon
  2. Spray bottle (I let the shower mist my hair instead)
  3. Accessories (optional)

Just woke up and am in a hurry!! This is an old blow out that I was using. Note the black hair ribbon around my neck.

Making sure the ribbon is even I tie it around my head once, then adjust if necessary.
Here you can see how it's tied. It's like you tie the laces on your shoes before you make the bunny ears ^_^"  Make sure you don't make this first tie too tight!! You don't want to give yourself a headache or cause tension on your hairline.
Bringing the hanging  pieces of ribbon around the back of my head the same tie is repeated. Again, make sure you don't tie it too tight!! This is where you can decide on the position and size of your poof. If you want it smaller pull the ribbon more towards the center of your head. If you want it bigger leave the ribbon closer to the edges of your head.

****After you make 1 tie in front, and 1 tie in back you are able to adjust the poof if you choose to. At this time you can also loosen, or tighten the ribbon.****

My hair ribbon's long so 1 more tie in the front will do for this style. It's not necessary to tie this last one tight, because the poof is secured already from the first two. This last tie is really done to get the excess out of the way.

There ya have it!! A poof! I tied the ends of the hair ribbon into a bow. If you'd like you can tuck them into the pieces that are wrapped around your head to hide the ends. My poof looks on the small side here, but believe me there wasn't anything small about it.
I actually redid my poof to tame the size down a little. Here's a side shot!!

Extras You Can Try:
  • If you'd like your edges smooth- before even adding the ribbon smooth a little product on your edges and smooth with a brush
  • To jazz up your poof- try adding a hair flower in the front near your ear
  • Add fancy chop sticks to the side of your poof
  • To add color- use a decorative ribbon instead of a black one like I did
  • Add a cool headband to the front for a different look
  • If your hair's dried out- mist it with an essential oil-water mixture before styling

When taking pictures for this I noticed my hair color. I recently henna'd my hair for the first time. When it was wet I could easily see the color different, but after it dried not so much. At least I couldn't see it--others said they could. I like it, there will be posts on that project coming soon. Subscribe so you can keep in touch  ^_~"

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