Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spotted: Business Woman

I love seeing women being highlighted for positive things in media--especially in important roles. Whether that be a political figure, a sports player, teacher, or a CEO it catches my attention every time. I love it when I see a woman being highlighted who also has natural hair. It's more common today than it has been in the past to see locs, for example, in a mainstream magazine. Not only to see them, but to have it talked about in a positive manner. 

I spotted this photo while reading the October 2011 Issue of Elle magazine. The woman in the photo is Malika Saada Saar and she is wearing Bantu knots. Bantu knots are a great protective styles to wear! When you tire of the knots, undo them and wear a knot-out. Who said that natural hair and professionalism don't go together?! Not only is she wearing her hair she's making big changes in the world!

"Attorney; founder of The Rebecca Project for Human Rights, 40"

This was one photo, of many, that talked about women who, "dress by the book and those who never do what they're told." The women were asked their fashion secrets. Here's what Malika had to say:

"As a human rights lawyer, I'm very mindful of dressing in a manner that conveys strength. I choose the black suit, of course! With heels. And my hair in Bantu knots -- or, as my daughter refers to them: 'mommy's swords and shields.'"

If you visit Malika's website: The Rebecca Project for Human Rights you're greeted with a ton of information, success stories, ways her program is helping women internationally. Who is Rebecca? How was this program named? There's a touching explanation to these questions. Read the story H E R E !! 

Things The Rebecca Project Tackles:
  • A woman who was a trafficking victim is now helping others by getting a website shut down
  • Advocating for rights of incarcerated mother's. Ex: They're to be cuffed while giving birth, then are given a polaroid of their child
  • Putting a spotlight on the sex trafficking of children in America
  • Educating and empowering girls in Africa to be involved socially and politically
  • Providing summer leadership and mentor programs for teenage girls to empower them into leadership

An issue The Rebecca Project helped with that many may remember is the Craigslist human trafficking issue. This is a serious issue that knowingly and unknowingly affects a huge amount of people worldwide. One of my first posts was on child labor, which is a form of trafficking. To check that out visit H E R E !!

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