Friday, September 16, 2011

Quickie: Protective Style

Protective styles in the form of extensions were something I loved while my hair was transitioning. It took some of the anxiety I was having off of my shoulders. A simple but cute age appropriate style was OK in my book.

Simple corn rows

It took the stylist about 30 minutes to complete this style for me. With the ends down they reached just below my shoulders.

To switch up this style here are some ideas:

  • Twisted the hanging hair into a bun that was off centered at the nape of my neck
  • Add a hair flower just above my ear
  • Braid the hanging hair into one big braid
  • Make a pony tail that hangs over your shoulder

You can dress this hair style up by:

  • Adding chunk earrings with the hair pulled back
  • Add a big hair accessory, such as a flower
  • Make a pony tail using a decorative scarf
  • Form a head band out of a decorative scarf

To extend the life of this style:
  • At night put hair in loose pony tail, then cover with a satin bonnet or scarf
  • Washing your hair is still possible, just massage shampoo in between the braids, then air dry
  • If your scalp gets dry or itchy massage oil on it before bed
  • Sleep on a satin pillow case if there's no bonnet or scarf available

This protective style could've lasted a good month or more if I wanted it to. I'm particular when it comes to braids in my hair. These were removed after too much fuzzy hair was showing in the braids from me washing, and from normal wear.

To remove I cut a good majority of the hanging hair off. This made it easier for me to undo the braids. If you do this make sure not to go too high, so you don't chop off your own hair!! Afterwards be sure to deep condition your hair before styling again.

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