Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainy Day Detour

Before I went to bed last night I planned on wearing a twist out today. I'm a pretty good judge on how my hair will behave when it comes to weather. I checked the forecast before bed, and it said 10% chance of rain. So I just knew that spending 10 minutes putting big flat two strands in would be worth it. Alarm goes off at 7:30am and all I hear is pouring rain   O_o 

You can probably see where I'm going with this-- no twist out was worn today. BUT my flat two strands are still in tact and look good! I believe it's suppose to rain the next few days, so I'll keep these in for a little while longer.

 S I D E   N O T E: I LOOOVE my hair color! I definitely plan on sticking with henna. My hair's been super soft and shiny too!

At night I covered my hair with a satin scarf. My skin in general has been on itch mode for the last couple of weeks. Grrr and winters not even here yet!! To help my itchy scalp I put tea tree oil on the parts in between my twists.

I apologize for it being sideways. The computer does not want to cooperate today  >_<

To dress up the style a little I added a hair flower (of course) some earrings, and off to work I went. Whenever I do take the twists down they'll be in loose spirals. You can see this style  H E R E!!  I wore it on my trip to Vegas.

The rain hasn't slowed this style. My protective style has done its job so far. I've been in and out of it today, and my hair still looks the same. I'll post updates later on.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be doing my 1st giveaway very soon, so stay tuned, and check back in for info on how to win!!!!!

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