Saturday, October 15, 2011

Styling Tool Quickie: Perm Rods

I prefer perm rods over rollers when it comes to curling my hair, especially over night. Hard plastic rollers hurt to sleep in, or they'll have you sleeping in impossible positions to get a half nights rest. Sponge rollers tend to dry my hair out, because they're made out of sponges and draw out moisture. So perm rods are my preferred go to styling tool for curls.

I use mid-sized (pink) and large (purple) perm rods

There are many types of perm rods, different colors, sizes, and styles. I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply, but they're available at most hair stores. The perm rods came in, I believe, packs of 10 for about $3. Depending on the size you can create tight curls, waves, loose curls, and they can be used on most hair lengths.

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Uses for Perm Rods (besides perms):
  • Sets- style as if doing a roller set, sub rollers for perm rods. Great for transitioning hair and TWA!
  • Sets- style as if doing a spiral set. Great for curling locs, braids, two strands, etc
  • Restyle a protective style such as mini twists

After styling my hair with perm rods I cover them with a satin bonnet to protect them while sleeping. The longer you keep the perm rods in the tighter the curls will be. If you leave them in for a short amount of time you'll have more of a wave, then a curl. You can sit under a hair drier to speed up the process if desired.

Have you used perm rods for styles other than perms? Share!

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  1. So would you expect the perm rods to work on a white girl's hair too? I'm curious because I've never liked the way sponge curlers work on my hair, and I'd rather get super sexy waves than something that sucks up all my hair's length into full on curls.


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