Sunday, October 16, 2011

Twist Out Update

As promised here are updates of my twist out. This style originally started as two strand flat twists. I had intended on wearing those over night, then wearing a twist out the following day. When I woke up it was raining, so a hair detour was taken. You can read more about that  H E R E!!

Before taking my twists down I put tea tree oil on the parts in between the twists. Besides a little tea tree oil on my scalp no other products were used.

I know I've said it a few times, but I'm going to say it again ^_^"  I am in love with my hair color!!!! Notice how shiny it is. It's also super soft, and manageable. I blame the henna ^_^" Love it!!

If you noticed, when I had the two strand flat twists in I tucked the ends under before pinning. This gives the ends of my hair more curl when I wear the twist out. It also makes a tighter, shorter curl. I'm on day 3 of my twist out, and over time the curls have loosened. 

The right side actually looks longer than the left side right now. My right side has a few curls that are hanging past my shoulder. This is caused by me making the flat twists on the left tighter than the right. The asymmetrical appearance of the curls doesn't bother me. If it's a concern for you, then I'd suggest trying to make the flat twists more uniform initially.

At night I haven't been covering my hair since wearing the twist out. I sleep on a satin pillow case, so my hair doesn't dry out. In the mornings I fluff my hair, and arrange it how I want. Usually some type of hair accessory is added to the from of my head. Above you can see the hair feather I added the first day.

Pros of this Style:

  • It transforms over the days you wear it. This minimizes the manipulation on your hair.
  • The two strand flat twists are a great protective style that can be worn casually, or dressed up with accessories.
  • You can achieve curls without harmful heating tools
  • This style can be worn on most hair lengths. If you can two strand flat twist your hair you can rock this.
  • It's very quick to style. The flat twists took me 10 minutes tops to complete.
  • Two strand flat twists can easily be worn in moisture filled environments. Rain, sweat, and humidity aren't an issue. 
  • It's a great style to wear while working out! It's protected, styled, and out of the way.

Have you tried this style before? What were your thoughts on it?? Share!

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