Monday, October 3, 2011

Variation: Two Strand Twists

I'm not sure why, but I always like to have one side of my hair in the front pulled back. This applies when wearing twist styles too. This style was completely random, and wasn't planned at all. In the winter I like to wear hats, and it's easier if my hairs styled in twists or a similar style. I started by making flat two strand twists on one side of my head. On the opposite side I made regular two strand twists. To get the curls I slept in perm rods over night. This style can last a couple of weeks if you care for it properly. At night I covered my hair with a satin scarf, and perm rods if I wanted more curls.

Flowers, pins, clip, hats, and other fancy accessories can be added to dress up this hair style. Even without pieces added this style is very nice. I like this a lot, I just might try it again very soon  ^_^"  There was no product used while styling, but it was done on freshly washed hair. It took maybe an hour to complete this.


  1. How do you keep your roots from getting puffy? I have 3a/3c hair and I've tried perm rods and haven't had much success. The curls were beautiful, but my roots are still not smooth. by the way I use the purple and orange rods.

    1. I usually apply a curl cream or whipped butter before styling. This helps the style last and prevents frizz.


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